Carl Barrett is a product designer with two decades of experience creating globally recognized products for industry-leading companies. He has worked with HyperX, Logitech, Crunchyroll, Jaguar, Land Rover, Ubiquiti, Veeva and more.

Recent Awards

  • SUV of the Year


    "Part of the word 'transportation' is not just the driving but the feeling of being transported," editor-in-chief Mark Rechtin said. "The moment you get into a Land Rover Defender, you are transported. Every design element gives the aura of journey, safari, moving outward into the world with courage."

  • Best Infotainment UX

    SBD Automotive

    Land Rover Defender infotainment system tops 2020 UX scores to date. In September 2020, SBD Automotive carried out its infotainment expert usability evaluation of the Land Rover Defender cockpit in the UK.

  • Car of the Year

    Top Gear

    The new Land Rover Defender takes the double securing the overall 'Car of the Year' and the 'Unstoppable Force' award in the coveted annual Awards.

  • Best Connected Technology


    “This is one of the most ambitious prizes we offer, dedicated to the best connected technologies we have in the industry. This year, Pivi Pro proved to be unchallenged by any of the competitor’s on-board connected technology, not to mention the simplicity in operation as the driver can focus on driving. Access to 90 per cent of commonly used functions from the display with a maximum of two clicks.”