Selected Works

MyVeeva for Patients

Veeva Systems

Currently building products with Veeva and the life sciences industry. During the global pandemic I joined Veeva's mission of helping to solve COVID ✅ by modernizing clinical trials, digitizing paper processes, and enabling studies to be run remotely.

UniFi Protect


I owned the design and user experience for UniFi Protect, Ubiquiti’s best-in-class home security product line. In 2020 we launched updates to the UniFi Protect web and mobile applications and released the G4 Doorbell, UNVR, and G4 PTZ Camera.

Customer RMA Process


Working alongside the CEO of Ubiquiti, we redesigned the warranty and customer returns process for Ubiquiti and its licensed distributors with the goal of increasing accountability and minimizing the cost overhead associated with warrantied devices at Ubiquiti.

Future Infotainment

Jaguar Land Rover

I designed core features and rich digital experiences for PIVI Pro, Jaguar Land Rover’s award-winning infotainment system. With the launch of this system for the 2020 reimagining of the iconic Land Rover Defender we won the coveted Best Car and SUV of the Year as well as Best Infotainment UX and Best Connected Technology awards.

Ongoing Personal Projects


Created from the ground up to empower designers, Logofolio is a platform where designers can tell their brand stories. Build your online presence by sharing your pitch decks, collateral, logos, and style guides with other designers.

UX Degree

UX Design is a broad field that covers many design and research areas. It can be overwhelming to embark on this journey due to the vastness and complexity of the subject. UX Degree is a free resource for learning design but should not be used as a replacement for more formal or structured education.

Iconic Icon Library

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My personal icon library, published for anyone to use. All icons are optically weighted for a 24px bounding box. These icons are not meant to be scaled, stretched or skewed from their original footprint. Please see the Figma Community page for license information.